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I was born in the Bay Area, grew up in Concord and went to school there.  After years moving around I came back to the Bay in 2005 and lived in Brentwood and Antioch.    Unable to find a job during the recession I decided to solve the problem by buying my own salon.  I owned Hair Gallery in Antioch and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.  In 2014 we bought a house in Copperopolis and came up on weekends, then a year ago we became full timers here.  This is where we chose to retire.  As chance would have it I met two delightful young ambitious barbers who offered me a spot to rent so that I could work as much as I wanted.  So here I am!  Doing hair and meeting many friendly new people in my town.


I am also a veteran.  I did four years active duty Air Force, then continued with the Air Force Reserves until I retired.  I spent 20 years in Civil Engineering, a combat support unit.  I was fortunate to travel to many over seas locations.  So thank you everyone for supporting this tiny veteran owned business! :-)


Come and find that special place just for you, tailored to fit both the inner and outer you.

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My Portfolio

Here are a few photos of some things I have done.  Most of it is fantasy colors or extensions.  I hope to get more photos for you soon.

Ombre with ash blonde toner

Darla with Burgandy Ombre


High Ombre two inches from roots and brighten ends of previous Ombre. She loves the gold tones.


Ariel the mermaid hair color.  Dark brown to red.  That's what she asked for! 


Hanna, prom-do.


Updo for a wedding

Waterfall braid and clip in extensions

Before and after using 22" dark brown Donna Bella extensions

Peggy-Install of Donna Bella Extensions


Stacey-Before and after of Donna Bella extensions and fantasy colors


Megan, my client whom I did different phases of blonding over a period of years.
Megan was my very last client I did in Antioch so she got to be the princess for the day. :-)